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Jerry’s House Launches Charity–Brings The Healing Power
Of Laughter To Children
Jerry Lewis Helps Realize a Child’s Vision

Melbourne, Australia – March 29, 2017– Jerry’s House ( a social enterprise entity announced today the launching of  Jerry’s House a non-profit charity–and global initiative to carry out activities that teach children in need the connection between laughter and healing (

The Jerry’s House Charity grounded in comedy, humor and play is designed to offer a vital role in partnership with a range of service and health providers to educate administrators, families and the general public. Jerry’s House mission enables the well-being of children in medical facilities, rehabilitation centers or in proposed Jerry’s House Flagship centers.

It’s fitting the Jerry House Charity launch coincides with Jerry Lewis’ 91st birthday. For over 60 years Mr. Lewis’ compassion raised over $3-billion for children with chronic illness.

“On my 91st Birthday I want to say thank you for your support for my passion towards finding a cure for Jerry’s Kids. For me, my legacy is to give you an opportunity to see humor and healing come together in Jerry’s House. To change the experience for sick and disadvantaged children of one of trauma and suffering to one of joy and laughter. Join me in celebrating my 91st birthday with your support for Jerry’s House.”
 ~ Jerry Lewis, Co-Founder of Jerry’s House

View Official Video Message from Jerry Lewis click here

Jerry’s House is inspired by the legacy of Hollywood comedian Jerry Lewis and a young Australian television personality Lochie Graham. Through the inaugural ‘Healing Through Laughter’ initiative humor will be brought to pediatric patients and their families.

The Jerry’s House ‘toy chests,’ I’m creating for the Jerry’s House ‘Healing Through Laughter’ initiative are sure to bring smiles to young faces in hospital,” states Lochie Graham, Co-Founder of Jerry’s House.

A 7-year old boy inspired a vision of hope & healing with a house where children who live with chronic illness could feel safe, find joy, and learn to heal using humor. Mr. Lewis understood what Lochie created and promised to help support Jerry’s House, now to become a charity. You too can help make a difference–get involved at

About Jerry’s House

A non-profit organization committed to the legacy of Jerry Lewis’ fundraising for children, the Jerry’s House global initiative and facilities enables positive effects of humor on body/mind/spirit. Grounded in comedy, humor and play for children and young people challenged with chronic health condition, disability, mental health issue or abusive past: or